Rawal Lake and
Lake View Park:

The highest point in the garden
offers a panoramic view of the lake,
Margalla and Murree hills, Pindi
and Islamabad. Boating, sailing,
water skating and diving facilities
are organized by private clubs.
To the west of the lake is the
Islamabad Club, which offers
different sporting facilities.

               Photography by: Faisal Saeed


Monument, Shakar Parian

Shakar Parian Hills are situated near
Zero Point, at a height of 1,998 feet
(609 mtr.) above sea level. It is a
terraced garden that offers pleasant
views of Margalla, Murree Hills, Rawal
Lake, Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Many
heads of state planted trees in Shakar -
Parian's Garden. National Monument or
Pakistan Monument
is built on the West
View Point of Shakar Parian Hills. The
four main petals of the blooming flower
like monument represent the 4 provinces
while the three smaller petals represent
three territories of Pakistan (Northern -
Areas, Azad Kashmir and the Federally
Administered Tribal Areas).

                                                                                                                                                                              Photography by: Vladimir Stimac


Monal Restaurant
at Pir Sohawa:

Pir Sohawa is an upland scenic rural
location, popular for recreational
walking and picnics, located in the
Margalla Hills just half an hour
journey from Islamabad. It presents
a breathtaking view of Islamabad.
It is about 6 to 7 kilometers ahead
of Daman-e-Koh. Pir Sowaha also
attracts tourists in winter, as the
elevation is sufficient for snowfall.

               Photography by: Sadaqat


Eye-catching zigzag drive
to Monal Restaurant:

Monal, a hilltop restaurant completed
in 2006 at Pir Sohawa, offers a
bird's eye view of Islamabad from
its large terrace and also provides
quality foods with wonderful
environment. The Monal Restaurant
is run by CDA (Capital development

                                                                                                                                                                                  Photography by: Fakir Iftikhar

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