[...Ya Taiba ...]
An extremly beautiful Arabic / English Nasheed for the kids  [Duration: 05:19]
Dear children tell about this Nasheed among your friends


[... A Watan ...]
Urdu Patriotic Song (Milli Naghma) by Muhammad Kashif  [Duration: 11:27]
Dear children we hope you will like this beautiful Milli Naghma



My  Mother
An English Nasheed by UK Children

Arabic Nasheed sung by UK Children


If You Ask Me
by Yusuf Islam  [Duration: 02:59]

A is for Allah
by Yusuf Islam  [Duration: 04:42]


Kamal Uddin  from Manchester, England

La Ilaha Illallah
An English Nasheed

Hai Nazar Main
Urdu Nasheed

His Name is Muhammad [pbuh]
An English Nasheed



Beautiful Urdu Poems For Children

"A Watan" by Muhammad Kashif and these six poems are produced by:
MIS Studio, 523, Block "C", Adamjee Nagar, Karachi.


Urdu Audio Stories for Children

Maa Ki Mohabbat
Duration: 12:06  -  Size: 2.77 MB

Dilchasb Jangi Waqiat
Duration: 10:14  -  Size: 2.34 MB

Master Sahab Ki Tankhaw
Duration: 08:56  -  Size: 2.04 MB

Jooton Ki Kahani  (Not by MIS)
Duration: 12:44  -  Size: 2.91 MB

Chiragh Ka Jin  (Comedy)
Duration: 05:04  -  Size: 1.74 MB

Allah Ki Madad  (True Story)
Duration: 15:31  -  Size: 4.44 MB

Apna Kaam Khud Karen
Duration: 10:12  -  Size: 2.92 MB

Badgumani  (Comedy)
Duration: 03:33  -  Size: 1.63 MB

Laal Bhujakkar Ka Mashwara
Duration: 04:00  -  Size: 937 KB

Khabarnama  (Comedy)
Duration: 05:30  -  Size: 2.51 MB

Insha Allah (Latifa)
Duration: 01:29  -  Size: 349 KB


These stories are produced by:  MIS Studio, 523, Block "C", Adamjee Nagar, Karachi.


Funny Audio Sound Clips for Children

Aeroplane Landing
Duration: 01:07

Baby Crying
Duration: 01:02

Rain and Thunder_01
Duration: 01:20

Various Birds Sounds_01
Duration: 02:17

Laughing Baby
Duration: 00:45

Car wont start
Duration: 00:39

Gun Fire
Duration: 01:25

Tiger Growl
Duration: 01:27

Various Birds Sounds_02
Duration: 03:37

Lion Deep Roar
Duration: 01:09

Rain and Thunder_02
Duration: 03:22

Duration: 02:26

War Scene
Duration: 03:12

Wolf Howl
Duration: 00:50

Various Train Horns_01
Duration: 03:08

Helicopter Sound
Duration: 04:08

Horse Sound
Duration: 00:51

Train Sound
Duration: 01:09

Rain and Thunder_03
Duration: 03:16

Racing Cars
Duration: 03:25

Crazy Phone
Duration: 00:44




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