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English Nasheed for Kids from South Africa

Hush Little Baby
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 02:03]

Pillars of Islam
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 02:24]

Thank You Allah
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 02:08]

Salaamun Salaamun
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 04:21]

Lord of All The Worlds
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 04:06]

A Child's Prayer
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 04:02]

Say He is Allah
by Zain Bhikha  [Duration: 01:32]






Some Arabic Nasheed for Children

La Ilaha Illallah
by Yusuf Islam  [Duration: 03:18]

Kan Ya Ma Kan
Toyor Nasheed  [Duration: 01:54]

Iqra Warqa
by Doa Al-Hindy  [Duration: 02:42]

Ishrah Qalbi Bil Iman
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 02:12]

Lillahil Hamdu
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 02:36]

Waswas Al-Shaytaan
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 03:51]

Maulidu Ahmad
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 03:11]

Allahumma Laka Aslam
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 01:56]

Ya Bunayyah
Nasheed Yabnay'yah  [Duration: 02:35]

Saleh Wea Rabah
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 01:04]

Toot Toot Toot
by Abu Ali  [Duration: 02:32]

Bunaiyati - My Daughter
by Abu Ali  [Duration: 03:51]

Ya Qaasida Baitir Rahman
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 03:12]

Buniyal Islamu Ala Khamsin
Arabic Nasheed  [Duration: 03:41]



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