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Short Length Urdu Islamic
Lectures / Speeches (Bayans)


A tribute to Mufti Atiq-ur-Rahman
My teacher Shaheed Mufti Atiqur Rahman had recited some poetic verses in his memorable speech
at Karachi on 30th April, 2005. He was a famous "Mufassir" of our country and was a brilliant and
devoted person in his field. Our website is giving a special tribute and honour to him.

[Click here for his Poetic Recitation]

[Click here for his Written Tafsir]            [Click here for his Audio Tafsir]


A Very Special Appearance of
Maulana  Tariq  Jameel


Maulana  Abdus  Sattar


Brother  Junaid  Jamshed

Kalmay Ki Fazilat
Duration: 13:45

Duration: 13:36

Allah Ka Khauff - 01
Duration: 11:34

Allah Ka Khauff - 02
Duration: 14:24

Zikr-e-Habib (pbuh)
Duration: 15:00

Gheebat Ka Bayan
Duration: 17:54

Duration: 10:50

Duration: 13:49

Ghussay Ke Nuqsanaat
Duration: 15:13

Ghussay Ke Nuqsanaat - 02
Duration: 15:22

Zikr-o-Fikar - 01
Duration: 18:59

Duration: 12:25

Zikr-o-Fikar - 02
Duration: 17:05



Dr.  Ghulam  Murtaza  Malik

Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Malik mulk ke maroof deeni scholar thain. Unhone apne andaz se deen ka kaam
kia. Zaroori nahi ke unki har tehqeeq ya har baat se apko ya hamain ittefaq ho. Unki jo baaten hamari
nazar se guzreen aur mufeed mehsoos hueen woh hamne apke liye yahan pe upload kardi.

Mehman Nawazi
Duration: 09:35

Allah Ka Wajood
Duration: 19:41

Waledain Ke Kehne Per
Biwi Ko Talaq
  [Duration: 14:19]

Islam Main Butparasti
Duration: 07:12

Do Galat Fehmion Ka Jawab
Duration: 07:42




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